How Do You Choose A Carpet Cleaning Company?



It is human instinct to be tempted by the cheapest deal, no matter who you are or what you are buying, whether it’s goods or a service like Carpet Cleaning.

If you have seen an advert or a special offer, or even received a quote that just seems too good to be true. STOP! It probably is.

You do generally “Get what you pay for”. So if you’ve been offered a cheap quote then expect a quick clean. Consider, will they thoroughly and professionally clean my carpet? Will they spend the necessary time to get the best results? Will they know the right treatments to best treat YOUR carpet?

If you want to ensure your carpets and upholstery are professionally cleaned and are not only left clean but fresh and safe then you need to consider paying that little extra for professionals.

Don’t choose the cheapest quote, don’t even choose the most expensive. Just choose who you consider will meet your expectations and offer you the best value.

Remember price is just what you pay – Value is what you want

How NW4 Carpet Cleaning will Clean your carpets & What Question’s You Should Ask A Carpet Cleaning Company.

 1)      Pre-vacuum with a commercial Vacuum Cleaner

2)      (Move furniture around)


4)      Pre-Agitate with a Rotary Machine (CRB), By doing this step we clean deep into the fibres of the carpet, not just the surface

5)      Extract & Rinse  Leaving your carpets Fresh & Fluffy Using our Van Mounted Carpet Cleaning Machine (Portable machine is used for flats or small jobs) A Acidic Rinse is added To Bring The Ph of the Carpet Back To Neutral

6)      A turbo Dryer is Placed on the carpet to speed up drying times (Dry carpets in under 2h!)


If these Steps Are not Thoroughly Followed then Expect A Quick Clean & The Dirt Coming back to the Surface in 1 month.



Carpet Cleaning Prices

Any room cleaned (aprox 12 x 12ft)      £40

Any 2 rooms cleaned (aprox 12 x 12ft) £60

Any 3 rooms cleaned (aprox 12 x 12ft) £80

Lounge/Diner carpet                                £50

Hallway Stairs and Landing                     £40  

This is just a sample of our prices, if the work you want carried out is not on the website, then please call us on 0207 8460 258  &  0745 0286 712       

Note: Our minimum order is £60.00

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