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Your carpets are a valuable investment. Having them cleaned regularly will prolong their life.

Over time carpets collect harmful pollutants as well as dry soil and grit etc. When your carpets are walked on the grit and soil damage and break the fibres causing wear.

Having them cleaned regularly will also improve the health of your carpets as well as indoor air quality by removing allergens and dust mites leaving your carpets fresh and clean.

For free advice and quotations call Florin on 0207 8460 258 & 07450 286 712

Our carpet cleaning process in detail:

PRE-INSPECTION – Upon arrival we will look at the carpet(s) to be cleaned with you and agree on areas of concern and furniture to be moved.

MOVE LARGE FURNISHINGS – We will move larger furnishings eg. chairs, sofas, tables using our protective furniture sliders before the carpet is cleaned and the items placed back.

Vacuuming – First we vacuum with a High filtration cleaning system specifically designed for the highest performance professional cleaning.

PRE-SPOT DIFFICULT STAINS – We then pre-spot your carpet for all difficult stains and we carry out specialist stain removal techniques on stains which are of particular concern to you.

PRE-SPRAY – Next we will apply a eco-friendly pre-spray with built in anti-bacterial technology specially designed to lift oily dirt, pollutants and odours from your carpet fibres and suspend them floating in an aqueous solution ready to be quickly and safely extracted using our state-of-the-art extraction machines.

AGITATION – Before extraction we use a commercial agitation machine with contra rotating brushes which will work the pre spray further into the carpet allowing for a deeper clean.

TRIPLE-VACUUM HIGH-PRESSURE HOT WATER EXTRACTION MACHINE – This machine cleans much better because it shoots the steam boosted rinsing solution into the carpet at high pressure which helps to break up the dirt and bacteria in the carpet. The machine then produces a huge vacuum to draw the dirt and pre-spray out of your carpet. This process prevents over wetting and leaves no dirt attracting residue behind.

PROTECTIVE FOIL TABS – Furniture is replaced back into position with protective foil tabs and Styrofoam blocks under the legs. Why? Well sometimes the moisture left in the carpet will draw out any colour-stain finish from the furniture leaving a (very difficult to remove) stain on the carpet.

RAPID DRYING – ( Free Option) We use turbo dryers to blow air across the surface of the carpet ensuring an even more rapid drying time.

INSPECTION – Our job is nearly done and we now look to you for your reaction. We will walk the cleaned areas with you and will only apply the optional protector when you are totally satisfied.

RE-PROTECTION – An optional application of stain protector which is child and pet friendly to replace factory applied resistance that wears over time. Our protection also prevents substances from being absorbed and so enables you to wipe away spillages etc. more easily.

Carpet Cleaning Prices

Any room cleaned (aprox 12 x 12ft)      £40

Any 2 rooms cleaned (aprox 12 x 12ft) £60

Any 3 rooms cleaned (aprox 12 x 12ft) £80

Lounge/Diner carpet                                £50

Hallway Stairs and Landing                     £40  

This is just a sample of our prices, if the work you want carried out is not on the website, then please call us on 0207 8460 258  &  0745 0286 712       

Note: Our minimum order is £60.00

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